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What We're Offering to Make Your Spring Sing

Posted on April 26 2024, By: Shiloh Garcia

What We're Offering to Make Your Spring Sing

The Best Coffee Drinks For Spring

Spring is absolutely our favorite season. What's not to love about it? The sun-kissed mornings bouncing across rooftops long before our eyes behold the day, the gentle echo of bird songs that seem to fill every space with notes not yet discovered, and the endless bloom and rebirth of flowers as they awake from their slumber. It is all so delightfully breathtaking. The best part is that this primavera is for everyone. 

It's a time that marks newness and joy, especially for the early risers, who are likely avid drinkers of delicious coffee. This season is truly a coffee-lovers dream as new arrivals and returning favorites drop!  

That is why we have thought long and hard about delicious go-to's you can put on your list. After all, what else are friends for? 

Make sure you're taking notes!

What We're Offering to Make Your Spring Sing

Vanilla Coconut Cold Brew: A true delight to every taste bud, our Vanilla Coconut Cold Brew is a limited-time treat (available May 6th through June 1st) to celebrate warmer weather! A smooth, not-too-heavy creation that features decadent swirls of vanilla, creamy hints of coconut, and delicious cold brew. Tropical meets traditional, and we're here for it.

Cold Brew: Our OG Cold Brew is far from the ordinary. This expertly brewed cup is an ode to the craft of excellent coffee and a full experience of deliciousness in every sip. A little ice and whatever else your heart desires is all this needs—simplistic delight at its finest.

Cold Brew Lemonade: A fan-favorite from its conception, our Cold Brew Lemonade is a unique blend of goodness you never knew you needed. Delicious slow-brewed coffee meets tart and refreshing lemonade for a full explosion to the mouth. We have seen non-believers turn into regular CBL drinkers because it really is just that good.

To Put it Plainly

It's pretty obvious that we're fans of these drinks, and we believe that you will be, too! We're excited for you to sip into the season and enjoy these great coffee creations. We'll see you in line!