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Why You Shouldn't Believe the Hype About the French Press

Posted on May 31 2024, By: Shiloh Garcia

Why You Shouldn't Believe the Hype About the French Press

Here's the thing: every coffee drinker is different. While some will gladly take any coffee no matter what method was used to brew it, others need the taste to be just so, the look to be in the family of deep mahogany, and the aroma strong yet pleasing (with the slightest bit of sweetness to tickle the nose). While that last group may sound over the top, fine coffee really is a delicacy, and once you've had it, your perspective on it all changes. 

Many of us find ourselves in the first group as life whirls around us, but there are moments when we just need extraordinary coffee. These are the moments when our taste buds crave the complexity of rich beans grown with a story and brewed with perfection. The problem then becomes, is this a habit we can sustain every day? For many, the answer is no. There are things like the cost, the time it takes to stand in line and get it, and those lazy moments when all you want to do is stay in the house but still enjoy the finer things. 

Cue the French press! The answer to fine coffee at home. 

If you've been an avid coffee drinker for a while, you've probably heard about it, seen one, or even thought about getting one before ultimately talking yourself out of it. But this brewer hasn't remained at the top of the list for no reason. Let's see what makes it so unique.

What is a French press? 

It is the single most iconic piece ever to grace the coffee world. While that is not our technical assessment of the brewer, a little praise is always required for this gem. A French press is used to brew coffee with ease.

It's not a fancy machine that needs a multi-page manual or many buttons. It works off its brilliant design. Its smooth lines, glass vessel, and finely crafted press make every cup come alive. It is a universal symbol of purely excellent coffee with minimum effort.

How Do You Use It?

Unlike some other brewers, the pressure created within the vessel is the key to the deliciousness. There is no fuss! What you see is what you get. It is simplistic but exquisite in its delivery. Your favorite coffee, hot water, and the French press itself are all you need. Here's how it works!

  1. Place ground coffee and hot water into the glass vessel. (A good thing to remember is that 1 cup of coffee = about three tablespoons of grounds). While many will suggest sticking to the three tablespoons rule, feel free to adjust as you tweak your methods to your taste.
  2. Stir coffee grounds and hot water a couple of times until you see a foamy top. 
  3. Allow the coffee to steep in the hot water, and place the plunger on top (but do not press it down). Note: The correct time needed varies depending on the coffee. But generally, it is four minutes for a lighter roast and five for a darker roast.  
  4. After the desired time has passed, press the plunger down slowly yet continuously.
  5. Pour the deliciously rich goodness into your favorite cup. Note: Leave a little at the bottom of the French press in case some coffee grounds escape. The bottom portion is not the best tasting, friends. 

What taste does it deliver?

The short answer: It's rich, bold, and undisturbed. There are no paper filters to prohibit the coffee's taste. You get the most unaltered cup that fully lets the coffee shine. Every hint and note of flavor comes through. It's really just remarkable. 

P.S. We recommend trying these two with your French press: Nicaragua and Maple Walnut.

The Beauty of Simplicity 

A French press is the answer you've been looking for. Not only is it a plastic-free alternative, but it also doesn't require the constant rotation of anything outside of great coffee beans. Grab one in cafes or have it shipped right to your door. Coffee will never be the same!