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Our Community.

We just really love our community.

The old gazebo was the place where the deep roots of community began to take form. When you walked in the doors someone behind the counter looked up, met your gaze, and asks you how your day was going so far. If you visited us enough that same person might start making your regular drink even before you ordered it. You stopped here on your way to freshman move-in day, and on your way home from school for the last time. You brought your parents to visit when they came into town. Maybe you even asked a Twin Valley Coffee team member to find Lynn or Lynne to meet them.

We know what this place is to our community. We know because that’s exactly what it is for us. It's a place that feels like home. 

Our people.

You've all been our people for a solid 10 years, but truly this coffee family keeps growing!

One of the best parts about opening up a new store location is realizing that our community really can get bigger and better. And quite frankly, there isn't a better one out there. We'd like to take a minute to proclaim our love for our community. Our stores feel more like a part of our family then like a part of our business.

When they say “and the rest is history,” they usually mean that’s where we stop telling the story. But we’d like to keep going if it’s ok with you?

Our Story.