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The TVC Coffee Crawl

Posted on February 29 2024, By: Shiloh Garcia

The TVC Coffee Crawl

After many fun-filled weeks, the Twin Valley Coffee Crawl has come to an end. Believe it or not, this was our first-ever coffee crawl, and we didn't know what to expect. But we did have many hopes. 

We wanted to bring our beloved community together and create an opportunity to experience new TVC cafes (and cities) you may not have visited before. We also hoped to bring some fun into your winter with caffeinated deliciousness and free coffee! 

And it seems that those hopes were accomplished! However, in all of this, we never imagined just how much it would add to all of us. We scanned our social media pages, read your comments, heard your stories in person, and witnessed countless smiles from behind the counter and those purchasing.

It was more than an event; it was community beyond the cup.

So, here are a few highlights that we are so proud of:

  1. Many of you completed the crawl more than once (with one of the highest numbers landing at 11 times).
  2. We had almost 2,000 participants.
  3. Lasting memories were made, and there are many stories to tell.

We can't say thank you enough for joining in. Until the next TVC Coffee Crawl - live long and drink excellent coffee!

A Few Comments/Stories That Made Us Smile


"4 locations and 12 drinks later - We finished in under two hours!! Steve said, ‘We turned the crawl into a sprint in our quest for TVC’"


"We loved doing this!… It was fun trying two locations that we had never been to before - our daughters loved the kid's raspberry [coldbew], but mom and dad LOVED the half coconut and mocha [signature coldbew]! It reminded us of sunny Hawaiian days! Me & my girls have been fans since they were in car seats at the gazebo!"


"The crawl was such a fun idea!! Thank you for doing it!!"


"We got our final stamp! Twin Valley Coffee Crawl complete! We had a great time hanging out and visiting all the locations. [Signature coldbews], Chocolate Raspberry cold brew February special, and Lavender London Fog are all deliciously yummy. Thanks for the fun idea, TVC! One thing we appreciate in all the locations is the fun gnome terrariums, unique at each location. We look forward to them each time we go!"


"The coffee crawl was such a great idea, such a great reason to get out and check out the other locations I wouldn't normally go to! Such a fun idea to complete with friends and do some exploring."