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Why Are Lattes So Special?

Posted on January 30 2024, By: Shiloh Garcia

Why Are Lattes So Special?

For the usual coffee drinker, you may find yourself continuously nestled by the first sips of ol' faithful. You know, the drink you order over and over on repeat. For me, that's a mocha with almond milk, four shots of espresso, and the occasional addition of whipped cream. I couldn't tell you when I settled into that drink or why I never changed my order after all this time, but I can tell you that I feel just a little special every time I order it. 

It's funny, but lattes have had that effect on the masses for a while now. The staple of every '90s sitcom, you'll find someone in an overly-populated coffee shop ordering yet another latte while listening to some pseudo-deep poetry (snaps fingers) or declaring their latest grievance about a political issue. The parallelism between lattes and instant coolness is not new, but it certainly has impacted all the new-to-coffee drinkers out there.  

Was a young 19-year-old thinking this when I boldly marched to the counter asking for a latte? Absolutely! Surprisingly, it has been my favorite all these years because it is just an incredible drink. But what actually makes a latte in the first place?

The Making of A Latte 

Italian in origin, the latte is full of caffeinated charisma that is subtle but unmistakable. Here is a little breakdown.

  1. The first ingredient to go in is a robust shot of espresso that sits at the bottom of the glass. This packs a punch and doesn't hold back!
  2. The middle is a generous amount of silky steamed milk. 
  3. And the very top of a latte is a thin blanket of creamy, foamed milk. 

Much like a Christmas tree, all of the drink is a delight, but the heaviness comes at the bottom. Now, of course, there are many things you can add if the deep mahogany bitterness found in a plain cup isn't your speed. You can drizzle some mocha, cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, or any combination of flavors until you find something that works for you. And best of all, the milk used doesn't have to be traditional. You can always use any milk alternative and still have an incredible cup. Who doesn't love a drink that can go with any flavor creation?

The Mystery is Solved

Lattes are no mystery. In fact, they're simple and effortlessly delicious (especially when the ratios are just right)! And that is what has made it an iconic drink all these years. We would love to know what your favorite latte creation is! If you don't have one yet, stop by one of our locations, and we'll give you some incredible suggestions (like our latest limited time latte creations). 

Happy sipping, friends!