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A Note of Gratitude

Posted on December 29 2023, By: Shiloh Garcia

A Note of Gratitude

December has already come and is almost gone; the holidays have packed their bags, and the Christmas trees have almost gone into hibernation. With that comes reflection on the many miracles 2023 has shown us and a bubbling excitement for what's ahead. 

This year alone, we have opened two new cafes (in no small part to you), we have thrived at the beloved cafes you have called your coffee home, watched new and returning community members enjoy their first sip with the wide-eyed enthusiasm we always dreamed of, and heard countless stories that filled our hearts and reminded us that we're all connected in so many ways.

So, while thank you doesn't seem like enough, we say it anyway. We pour our gratitude like finely crafted coffee on a crisp morning because you have made our lives just that rich. 

Thank you for allowing Twin Valley Coffee to be your at-home go-to, stopping by our cafes as your morning ritual, loving the coffee so much that you have it shipped near and far, and using us throughout the year to help you reach your fundraising goals. Thank you for being a part of our community and lives. 

We promise that 2024 will only get better!

See you in line in the new year!