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The Ultimate 2023 TVC Gift Guide

Posted on November 30 2023, By: Shiloh Garcia

The Ultimate 2023 TVC Gift Guide

Now that the fall holidays are gone, it is time for those of us who thrive on "tis' the season" feels to make our grand entrance. From tinsel to non-stop movies that always end the way we wish real life would, it is the most wonderful time of the year as far as we're concerned. However, in all the fun and excitement, figuring out what to get your friends and family can be extremely stressful. It's difficult, takes hours of meticulous planning, and doesn't always turn out how you thought it would. 

If only there were a holiday gift guide that could help out. The good news? There is! We've created a one-stop guide with the best gift ideas EVER. 

Stocking Stuffers ✨

The Everyday Beanie

When the weather gets a little frigid, our beanies are here to keep your head warm and your style undisturbed! Every beanie is high quality and made with superior materials. This will be your go-to for as long as they're still cool to wear, which means forever!

I'd Rather Be Sticker & The Classic Sticker 

Have you heard that we have TWO rad stickers to help you represent your favorite coffee shop and adorn all of your well-loved items? 

From the TVC Classic sticker to the "I'd Rather Be at TVC" sticker, we're serving up major coffee vibes! Did we mention that they are also waterproof? That means they're perfect for water bottles, laptops, or notebooks! 

Collectible Pin

The small things in life can bring sparkles of joy to anything. Our collectible pin is for devoted coffee drinkers, lovers of good beans, and TVC enthusiasts everywhere. Not only does it show a little Twin Valley Coffee pride, but it also looks great on anything. Grab a couple. You won't regret it!

Rad Coffee Gear ✨

The Throwback Long Sleeve

There are wardrobe pieces you get and then forget about over time, but occasionally, you come across something you keep in constant rotation. Our Throwback Long Sleeve is that easy go-to that you've been needing. Made with soft, ring-spun cotton and 100% cotton threads, you'll get a relaxed fit every time. We never sacrifice comfort.

The Spruce Crewneck

When you find a wardrobe staple, it's magic. Our Spruce Crewneck is just that. It is made with heavy yet breathable materials and is perfect for cooler weather. It is the warm blanket you never knew you needed. You're welcome!

Our Favorite Brewer ✨

The Chemex

We love any method of brewing that requires intentionality. Something about brewing with the Chemex gives Twin Valley Coffee beans the respect they deserve. It's beautiful on your counter and produces a brew outside the ordinary (with little effort)—a beautiful gift for a true coffee lover.

Classic Coffee Essentials ✨

TVC Hydroflask Mug

The 12oz Hydroflask Mug is your answer to piping hot coffee anytime! You can enjoy hot sips and warm relaxation for up to six hours. From tea to coffee (and a little hot chocolate), you never have to dread the short lifespan of your hot drinks again! This mug is equipped with a non-spill lid, fail-proof insulation, and non-transferring materials for an unaltered taste every time. 

Hydroflask 20oz Coffee with Flex Sip Lid

The Hydroflask 20oz is a much-needed companion for all of your adventures. Fully equipped with double-wall vacuum insulation and pro-grade stainless steel, it is made to last. Did we mention that it also has a splash-proof lid?! It honestly doesn’t get better than this!

Seasonal Sips ✨

Housemade Holiday

This signature flavor is all you need to celebrate the season of togetherness; we've combined Brazilian beans with our blend of pure holiday dry spices for a delightful sip every time. The best memories warm you from the inside. Please note: This blend is already ground to the medium setting. Major plus!

The Universal Gift ✨

The TVC Gift Card

What do you get a person who might not be the easiest to shop for but loves all things coffee? A gift card that they can use when they need it most. A gift you can enjoy on your terms sounds like a gift that keeps on giving. Grab one of our gift cards in stores or online. We have you covered for every situation. 

Coffee Subscription, Anyone? ✨

The Ultimate Coffee Subscription 

For coffee aficionados everywhere, a good brew is an essential part of a successful day. When the coffee’s right, your day gets just a bit better. So, why not give the ultimate gift to the caffeine enthusiast in your life? A coffee subscription is unique and will earn you the best gift award. Who doesn’t want that?!