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Beginners Guide to Coffee: Ordering Like a Pro

Posted on April 28 2023, By: Shiloh Garcia

Beginners Guide to Coffee: Ordering Like a Pro

The time has come for you to join the ranks of coffee lovers everywhere. Walking into your nearest coffee shop, you're determined today you will conquer your fears and jump into the caffeine deep-end. Full of confidence, you stand in line only to hear person after person ahead of you order their fancy creations, and then it hits have no idea what you're doing. With sweaty palms and growing anxiety, you imagine the pressure of an ever-increasing line as you fumble through what to say. There's no way you can stomach that kind of embarrassment. Anddd, just like that, you're out. 

We know that the world of coffee can be intimidating to first-time drinkers, especially when you have little experience with it. Many of us may have even had an introductory crash course with a friend or family member. Possibly something similar to these examples from a few of our customers:

"When I was a kid, I would steal my mom 's coffee."

"I haaaaated even the smell until student teaching my senior year of college."

"3-4 [times], my family does after-dinner coffee, so my grandma would give me some."

However, outside of those special secret coffee sips with grandma and the sheer necessity to stay awake, it can all still feel foreign when it comes time to order. The road ahead to find the drink that suits you can seem daunting. What will I like? What drink has just the right amount of coffee? How do I order in a way that doesn't result in utter confusion? All of these questions are valid and ones that I asked myself in the beginning too!  

Thankfully, there are answers to these questions that will put your heart at ease.

Entering the Coffee-Verse 

Whether for taste or caffeine benefit, coffee is the one drink that many adults live on. It's universal, and it galvanizes people, unlike any other drink. This is something that Twin Valley Coffee knows all too well. Part of the reason it's such an enjoyable experience is for three reasons: exchange, adventure, and discovery.

You're instantly hit with a sensory overload when you walk into a coffee shop. From the smells that seem to float like music through the air, the mouth watering drinks waiting at the pick-up counter, the energy of people conversing around you, and the exhale after that first satisfying sip, it's all exciting. But it can also be overwhelming to a beginner.

So, how do you navigate?

When you approach the counter, lean into the exchange. Ask the barista for recommendations, tell them your preference for sweetness, or ask a fellow customer what they're drinking if it looks delicious. 

Next, don't be afraid to try something new based on a recommendation or what you've seen on social media. Be ADVENTUROUS. After all, that is the only way that you will start to learn your likes and dislikes.

And lastly, pay attention to the new discoveries along the way. For example, you loved that mocha iced latte but hated that espresso drink that was heavy on the coffee and light on the creamer. These things matter, so note them as you build your coffee profile. 

Exchange, adventure, and discovery will help you feel less lost and make you 1000 times more confident when ordering. 

P.S. Here are a few drinks we recommend to start with: 

  1. Cold Brew w/hazelnut creamer and extra chocolate drizzle
  2. Regular Cold Brew w/sweet cream and a drizzle of caramel 
  3. Caramel Iced Coffee w/almond milk

The Fun is Just Beginning

While there are so many other things to share (And we will, don't you worry!), the most important tip is to have fun. You may not land on your forever go-to drink immediately, but you will start learning more about your tastebuds. And that journey is always exciting!  

Stay tuned for our next blog in the Beginners Series, The Magical Land of Lattes, Cappuccinos, and Espressos, to further your coffee knowledge.