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Chemex: The Hidden Gem of the Coffee Game

Posted on July 28 2023, By: Shiloh Garcia

Chemex: The Hidden Gem of the Coffee Game

History of the Chemex

The Chemex coffee maker was invented in 1941 by chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. No stranger to creating, he developed (or helped develop) over 300 patents throughout his super extensive career. What was his motivation? He wanted to make things as functional as possible, especially when it came to household products. He loved the idea of making something more user-friendly, and that kept him looking for new, out-of-the-box ways to create products that were timeless. 

When the idea of a more functional coffee maker came to mind, he not only considered the coffee-making experience as a whole but also the look of the coffee maker. He wanted ease of use and quality in every cup, all packaged in a striking design. 

How was he going to create this? His background in chemistry certainly played a great part. Understanding "the extraction of flavor and caffeine from coffee beans," he worked diligently to create something truly unique. As for the design, he didn’t want anything complicated. Just a simple brewer that was beautifully done. 

Who would've known that his invention would have been displayed at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) as one of the best-designed products in 1943, and included as a permanent collection piece at the Brooklyn Museum, and Corning Museum of Glass.

In addition, this family-owned coffee creation would go on to be selected as one of the 100 best-designed products of modern times by the Illinois Institute of Technology. 

What started as a thought, revolutionized coffee as we know it. 

Why You Need A Chemex

The golden question is, why do you need one? You've read the pretty rad history and have heard its origin story, but what else does this brewer boast? 

The Filter:

The Chemex was created in tandem with another great invention, double-bonded, unbleached paper filters. These filters are unique to the Chemex and help ensure that each cup is flawless in its taste. In addition, small particles or coffee grounds will never be an issue as the filter is heavy and traps in everything outside of liquid perfection. 

The Shape:

Thoughtfully designed and fashioned, the Chemex has an hourglass shape that is completely made of borosilicate glass, with a wooden collar and rawhide accessory piece in the middle. Awarded for its beauty and functionality, it sits perfectly on your counter and pours your freshly made coffee like an undisturbed spout. 

The Method: 

The Chemex is a simple companion you can rely on. Using gravity to pull hot water through your coffee grounds naturally, it works like the traditional brewers you are used to. However, due to the quality of its design, the taste is pure and crisp. Lastly, you can use it at any time and anywhere as long as you have hot water on hand. How’s that for convenient?

Since its first introduction, it really is no secret why the Chemex has been a household staple that has changed how coffee is done forever. Pick up a Chemex in one of the Twin Valley Coffee cafes or on our website. We dare you to come back and tell us just how good it truly is!

P.S. Remember to grab a pack of filters to go along with your new favorite brewer!