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Two New Cafes for Twin Valley Coffee

Posted on July 03 2023, By: Shiloh Garcia

Two New Cafes for Twin Valley Coffee

It's hard to believe that Twin Valley Coffee started in a gazebo on Lynn and Lynne Burkholder's yard only a few years ago. Since those days, so much growth has happened, not only with their brilliant ideas for the drinks we have all come to love but also for the business as a whole. 

Employees have been added, departments built, systems created, and a whole lot of vision implemented constantly. Every bit of it informs the way we do coffee differently.

Who could've known what Twin Valley Coffee would have become? Today, we no longer sell coffee strictly from that faithful, old gazebo but at two beautiful locations at Eagleview Town Center and Shady Maple Farm Market. 

So, what's next for us? That's quite a loaded question, but one we're so excited to share with you. 


And the Journey Continues!

This fall, we will be opening not one but two new cafes! West Chester and Downingtown will be added to the Twin Valley Coffee family, and we couldn't be more excited about it!

West Chester Cafe 

Our West Chester location was a turn of destiny as we got a cold call about a new project underway. After some discussion, we knew we wanted to participate in this adventure. This new co-working space located in front of Church Street Market House will provide every member with caffeine brilliance while they work. 

We immediately loved the West Chester Borough (and everything surrounding it). It is the perfect place for the students, lawyers, and business folks alike in that area. Rustic modern meets old-world charm; you'll fall in love over and over, just like we did. 

Downingtown Cafe

Our second newest location is part of the River Station Apartments in Downingtown. Full of vibrancy, we'll be a part of the emerging hustle and bustle. 

This location is nestled in the heart of Downingtown and will house new and old customers alike! We are particularly excited to bring Twin Valley Coffee here. (And know that many of you are just as excited.)

Embarking on the Adventure 

As you can see, there is so much bubbling underneath the surface, and all of it is so that we can serve you better (and in more places). Make sure to check our social media accounts to see when these two locations will open. We want to see you in line and celebrate all the newness together. You're the reason for it all.