Monday - Friday: 6am - 6pm

Saturday: 7am - 4pm

Coffee Gazebo 

With this cozy storefront we offer all varieties of drink and personality. Here's a virtual taste.

Love/obsessed with their iced toddy!! Also this is the only coffee we buy to brew at home.
— Katelynn
Friends gifted me a few bags of this coffee. After one cup I’m willing to put in a permanent ever flowing order! Amazing!
— Erica
YUM TO EVERYTHING. Twin Valley coffee is the holy grail of coffee for Eric and I. We switched over a few years back and won’t stray again. The beans are so fantastic, the iced toddy is like a little gift from heaven, and the service is always 100% impeccable. If you haven’t converted yet, try it. You’re coffee love will hit a whole new level!
— Kelyn
Seriously... why have I not tried this place sooner? I’m an absolute coffee snob and it is one of best brews I’ve ever had. Smooth, balanced and most importantly, gets you a solid caffeine high. It doesn’t even have an aftertaste, which is rare.
— Johnny
Stopped in this wonderful coffee shop on my way to work this morning for the first time. I just moved to the area and much prefer local coffee when I can get it. The gentleman inside was very inviting and clearly knows his coffee and makes a great cup! I thoroughly enjoyed my cup this morning and am sad that it’s already gone. I will definitely be stopping again soon!
— Karen