We Are Dreamers

Photo by Stephanie Ruby

Photo by Stephanie Ruby

We are dreamers, Lynn and I, always have been, always will be. One dream is realized and we are on to the next, the eternal pipeline of dreams. But the realized dream we are currently living is full bodied, strong and smooth, just like my most favorite coffee - Kenya AA.

Dreaming is a result of believing and connects us to you, our community, our little village, and hopefully to more and more individuals and regions as the dream expands beyond mustard seed size. Dreaming is our fuel.

The Great Recession in the late 2000’s hit hard to so many individuals and families. However, we saw ourselves wide armed welcoming those disappointed by job losses, financial upheaval, and insecure circumstances. We said, “Welcome. Welcome to our world. You are going to be fine. Just simply depend on the ultimate Provider.” It was during this time our roadside stand appeared offering hope and a great cup of coffee.

To dream is to hope and to hope is to believe beyond yourself. We do believe and will never stop. We fully recognize hope is gifted and our world view is rooted deeply in the One we believe.

Our hopes mount for 2018. We look forward to serving you, dreaming bigger dreams, and praying larger prayers. Thank you for gracing us with your presence, representing and selling for us. You really are the best. May your 2018 be significant and may you expand your dreams!