After you've had your first cup of Twin Valley Coffee, you will be "ruined for the ordinary." Average coffee will no longer be acceptable. Join the crowd.

Our Story

it was 2004 and dinner guests that gave Twin Valley Coffee its roots. After diner, the long-time friends brewed some of their own freshly roasted coffee. Eyes were opened to the world of really good coffee.

Soon Lynn Burkholder was experimenting with a small fluid bed roaster and receiving encouragement from friends who wanted more of the exceptional coffee. That led to building a five-pound capacity fluid bed roaster and the introduction of the coffee into several local retail stores.

Now, Lynn, along with his wife Lynne, and several of their children are working together in the family business, growing both the retail and wholesale relationships. Local customers can still stop by the roadside coffee Gazebo for a hot cup of coffee and conversation.

In 2012 they purchased a larger capacity air roaster to meet the increasing demand. As the business continues to grow, more family members are joining the ranks as the younger ones are being trained.

With each relationship, whether their Direct Trade Partnerships, customers or suppliers, the Twin Valley Coffee mission statement. "Excellence Beyond The Cup" is held as the uncompromising standard.